Monday, 14 December 2015

Unsuitable Digital & Social Media Marketing Approaches

Unsuitable Digital & Social Media Marketing Approaches:

There are two digital communication approaches that Labella will not be using as it would be enviable for the business. The first approach  is emailing potential customers about the products and services. According to The Marketer, 48% of all emails to customer are opened of smartphones, out of which 38% are not even optimized for these devices as it is an added cost. The added expense of converting a website and email format to smartphones as such, will no be a viable digital communications strategy for Labella. The second and final digital communications approach that Labella will not be using is are black-hat SEO tactics. As Google, the most widely used search globally has been upgraded multiple times it has been equipped to deter these tactics and make them obsolete. While keywords help users find what they need, Google is getting more advanced and can easily identify the relevance of any keywords used on any website, making these SEO tactics out-dated.

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