Monday, 14 December 2015

Suitable Digital & Social Media Marketing Approaches

There are many digital and social media approaches but the main approaches which will be considered by La Bella should be those paid approaches which are suitable for the chosen target audiences mentioned before.
As we have mentioned that one of our target audience are going to be young beauty bloggers living in Manchester. These girls care for their hair and beauty at home and search for relevant YouTube tutorials. They will be searching for YouTube video tutorials in relation to makeup, hair colouring or hair cutting. Those videos will have La Bella's advertisement before they start and will be considered as YouTube ads. This approach will confirm that whenever people will try to search for any sort of beauty related videos, they will get to see our advert before the searched video starts. In this case people who are interested in beauty, care and hair treatments such as the young bloggers, will get to know about our business easily. This approach will not only target the young bloggers but also all those customers who look for beauty related videos on YouTube. This target audience can also involve mid/old age women and even beauty specialists who need more ideas and search for videos.  Secondly, the people behind those YouTube tutorial uploads will get our special discount offers and specific hair care products for free if they will advertise our business.
Consumers who are interested in discount offers make their accounts on websites such as,, and receive relevant information in regards to discount offers available. Those people who have selected hair salon discount offers will receive our special discount offers. In this way we will be directly targeting those customers who are interested in hair cutting and hair care salons. Later on, our target audience will get to know about our business and home care service, which will attract them even more. This is how we will target older and disabled people as well apart from young bloggers, girls, boys, ladies and men. Older people may not be willing to go out and might search for relevant discount offers at home. 

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