Monday, 14 December 2015

Our main audiences.

Appropriate approaches for segmentation:

Labella will be using different segmentation approaches in order to identify their target audience. Behavioural targeting can be used to identify our target market as people respond and react differently in different situations. People may respond differently on special occasions towards hair care or they may have different buying behaviours. Some are price conscious whereas others are not.  This approach will help us identify our target audience based upon their Behaviours.
Location based segmentation is another approach which can be used as the service being provided operates through an App which is why identifying places, specific websites and social sites would help identify our target audience. In addition, finding information such as what people may 'Type' on searching engines in order to identify our Service.

In addition, people have different values, interest, beliefs and attitudes towards a service or product. People who are conscious about their hair might get a hair care treatment done every two weeks whereas others wouldn't want to get a haircut for the next 6 months. Therefore using psychographic segmentation would allow the agency to identify how to target customers with different psychographic qualities towards  hair care.

Appropriate target audience for our PSO:
The segmentation approaches identified will help us find who our target market is. Our main audience will be people living in Manchester. Women and men that are more conscious about their beauty and hair will be targeted as they might want to someone to do their hair and beauty treatment at home. Existing customers of Toni&guy also be targeted as they can get the same service and products at home instead of having to go the physical store. Moreover , as the services will be provided at home working men and women will be targeted as they might not get enough time to go to salons to pamper themselves, the service will provide them beauty and hair care at home while they’re relaxing. Older people and disabled people are another target audience of Labella as they may not be able to go out very often therefore getting this service at home will be very convenient for them.
Labella will also target beauty bloggers who are interested in trying new things related to beauty by sending them product samples, this can then further lead to the promotion of the business if these bloggers share their experience with their followers. The company will be targeting audience by their buying behaviors which mean that the business will be targeting audience that are hair conscious and are always looking for new hairstyles and are not very price conscious.
Social media is another great way to target people based on their interest for beauty and hair care which includes social platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.

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