Thursday, 5 November 2015



Our chosen Organization is Toni&Guy which is a UK based chain of salons located all around the world. Toni&Guy aims on thinking outside the box by providing innovation, consistency and quality to their clients. They are a renowned fashion hairdressing brand and also the official sponsors of London Fashion week. 


Our business's services include home services which will be operated through the app and will be available in the Google Play Store and Apple Store. Toni&Guy is also its own hair care products through this app and these products will include hair shampoos, conditioners, hair styling gels, other hair care treatment products and matte pastes. What the business can offer is a nail bar which will include all kinds of nail treatments for male or female. Our advertising for the app will be done through facebook, twitter, blog and website because all the offerings of the business will be shown on the app.
The first priority will be given to the app as it is the most important PSO of our business. The app will be downloaded free for the first 6 months and will be charged for downloading after that. These can however, increase the risks of less downloads afterwards. While the second priority will be given to the hair care product range. The nail bar PSO can be discarded because our main focus is home services, hair care products and the app.


Bella Digital Salon has a number of marketing objectives to establish itself. In order of priority, they will include advertising its app on Google Ads to increase the number of downloads by 10% every month of the initial release. Creating awareness of the home services to existing Toni&Guy customers by using its Twitter and Facebook pages to advertise the new services they will be providing. Toni&Guy will also put advertisements up on their store fronts to create awareness that it’s products and services are now sold and delivered to your door step, this is to increase the number of existing customers potentially interested in this service to be used at home. The only issue with the priority of these marketing objectives is that customers who use Toni&Guy’s services already might be more willing to make the switch to home whereas the general public might not. The reason for this priority is to generate more sales through more customers which will be done through advertising online more than existing customers on store fronts.


Rana Waleed Altaf: 10415971
Amara Siddique: 13119840
Saman Siddique: 13119841
Rafia Nasim: 13157310

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